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We look after each other. I think this mayor did exactly that and it is wonderful that he is willing to serve another term. He has to be tired.. The larger point is that the United States is wealthy enough to pay for essential government, including a robust presence abroad. Contrary to Trump’s view, the United States doesn’t protect other countries merely out of kindness. Since 1945, our military has shielded allies in the hope that prosperity and trade would promote democratic institutions and political stability.

So far Islamists, who made huge gains during the first two stages of Egypt’s parliamentary elections, have largely stayed away from Tahrir Square. The preeminent Islamic religious institution, al Azhar, had yet to comment on the death of one of its own, Sheikh Emad Effat, who was killed by gunfire. Thousands mourned him at his funeral Saturday..

Spies hates going first so much that their default play when they get a blue coin is to automatically give up round 1 which is, obviously, not ideal, as it opens them up for possible bleeding during R2. Quote from the guide of the 1 NG Spies player: “you’d better dry pass the first round if you get the blue coin.”.Axemen definitely wants to go second because it allows them to play reactively. What do you want to play first turn? Whale Harpooner on an empty board? An axeman that could get removed? Resurrection units? Ship on an empty board? Their only proactive play is usually Avallac which is not always available in your hand, and even if it is you are sometimes reluctant to use it because it may clutter your hand with resurrection / excessive weather cards that you mulliganed away.

I probably be inclined to keep a business card without a fee with 1 or more bonus category just to keep your MR alive. The rest I plan to churn through, though I think I like to get the schwab plat last and cash our my MR. I probably be inclined to hang onto an ameriprise plat for the benefits without the annual fee..

I asked him to just let me out in the middle of the swarm of cars looking for parking. Never really talked to him again though he did try to hit me up on social media. So, about two mo the later I see a news story shared on Facebook, about this fucking guy beating a man up and fleeing in a road range incident.

An even more direct case happened in 2006. Alabama teen Devin Moore was arrested on suspicion of car theft. The police officers easily brought him into the station and had started booking him when Moore suddenly attacked one police officer, stole his gun, shot him and another officer, and then fled down the hall and shot a 911 dispatcher in the head.

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